Assistant Director B

 Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Terry B. Martinez. I am your National Assistant Director B, Maintenance Division, in Washington, DC since 2015, and I am asking for your continued support. I am a proud member of the Dallas Area Local, starting my postal career as a Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic (MPE) at the Dallas Bulk Mail Center (BMC).

During my tenure at the Dallas Local, I was elected as the BMC Local Business Agent, later advancing to local Maintenance Craft Director. I subsequently became National Arbitration Advocate, handling various issues impacting the Maintenance Craft throughout the Southern Region.  As Craft Director, I conducted local training for my Stewards, set up computers, did essential navigating CDs and other open book training.  I was active in developing and producing training material on CD’s, material received from seminars/convention and shared information with my Stewards.

During my time as a local Officer, I was asked by our NBA to assist in case reviews and pre-arbitration with area labor relations. Additionally, I temporary assisted for 60 days in the absence of one of our NBA. Before accepting the Assistance Director position, I served for approximately twelve (12) years as the National Business Agent (NBA) for the entire Southern Region, covering eleven states.  My duties included advocating grievances in arbitration, meeting on more than 10,000 grievances appealed to Step 3, conducting dozens of Regional and National Convention training for our APWU officers, delegates, and member attendees.

I scheduled all of the maintenance cases through the Joint Arbitration Scheduling System (JASS). The scheduling entailed the selection of maintenance cases to discuss with seventeen different District Managers to agree on inputting the selection for schedule. Additionally, I oversaw the assignment of cases to our Maintenance Arbitration Advocates and offered the assistance needed in handling their arbitration case(s).

I was first in the country to arbitrate the reinstatement of the MS-47 TL-3 Handbook, with a great successful win on that issue as well as several other MS-47 cases I arbitrated resulting in millions of dollars paid out to our members in the Southern Region.

In the 2006-2010 contract, I was asked by late Director Steven G. Raymer to come to Washington, DC. While in Washington, DC, I assisted in document review, which captures pertinent information to support our challenges in negotiations. I accomplished this task with the assistance of the then Representative at Large Idowu Balogun.    

I am the resident Article 32 Officer, reviewing subcontracting notifications, setting up discussions and meetings, addressing field matters as potential national issues, and initiating national level disputes. I took the initiative to develop a spreadsheet of pending Headquarters level subcontracting cases which I update and disseminate to our Maintenance National Business Agents. As a former National Business Agent representing our members in the Southern Region, I realize how vital this type of information is when meeting with USPS representative or when a local Union representative inquiry about a national level contract.

As the Assistant Director B, one of my duties is to review all Maintenance Management Orders (MMOs), Maintenance Work Orders (MWOs), Software Modification Orders (SMOs), Maintenance Service Bulletins (MSBs), and all issues impacting the Maintenance Craft. I’m proud to state that I disputed and was successful in removing the discipline language on the Equipment Specific Energy Control Procedures (ECP) these MMO’s have contained the discipline language as far back as early 90s’.  The old language stated that if Any employee found not in compliance with these procedures may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.  This language was replaced with: Employees must adhere to the policies of the Electrical Work Program (EWP) which includes Energy Control Procedures (ECP), Failure to properly observe ECP will result in appropriate action (results in additional training).

I carefully study all documents sent to me to ensure consistency with our agreements and file disputes when appropriate.  Occasionally, I have made several phone calls out to the field as a follow-up on some of these MMO, SMO, and or MWO a check and balance to ensure we are performing work as mentioned in these documents.

I handle correspondence on behalf of Maintenance students attending the National Center for Employee Development (NCED) in Norman, Oklahoma. We have met twice in the past months between our students and housing management addressing student concerns. Their issues and concerns were addressed, and the corrections were made. Regain our once missing APWU bulletin board in the housing area, made a recommendation to provide food menus in advance, to mention a few of many items we challenged. 

We have participated in the current negotiation, not going into details, supporting the return to TL-3 from the TL-5, arguing the cleaning material not suitable for our environment, the carrying of the backpacks for our workforce which is very problematic.  Return per-diem for our student at the training center and any other overnight stay for training. Better provision for training and the selection method for our maintenance personnel.  

I am a tireless worker who understands labor and hard work going back to my days as a Union Journeyman Brick Layer. I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army as a Defense Acquisition Radar Mechanic and am a member of the American Legion.

I am happily married more than 23 years to Vera Martinez and have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

My entire Postal career has been dedicated to the members of the Maintenance Craft. I ask for your support for my re-election as Assistant Director B, Maintenance Division.

Please keep Maintenance Strong by electing Director Balogun and Assistant Director “A” Jimmie Waldon. The three of us complement one another with the single focus of keeping the Maintenance Craft well-represented. Our dedication to the Maintenance Craft is well recognized by the overwhelming support of our Maintenance National Business Agents. I also ask for your support for the Southern Region John Gearhard, Carlos Paz, and the Western Region Louis M. Kingsley.

Terry B. Martinez,

Assistant Maintenance Director B, Washington, DC

 Asking for your support to re-elect Balogun-Waldon- Martinez .