Louis Kingsley: National Business Agent (B), Maintenance Division, Western  Region

My name is Louis M. Kingsley Jr. and I am seeking your vote for re-election for National Business Agent, Maintenance Division Western Region, “B”.

I have been honored to serve as your Western Region NBA for the past five and half years. I am requesting your vote in this election to continue the same integrity, dedication, and hard work.

Accomplishments as Western Region NBA

The past five and half years, I have:

·       Resolved thousands of Step 3s and Direct Appeal cases resulting in millions of dollars in settlements. Prevented ET, MPE, BEM, MM, FMO and custodial positions from being reverted, forcing management to generate mirrored positions with out-of-schedule pay. 

·       Applied my extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with hundreds of Line H issue cases resulting in millions of dollars paid out throughout the region.

·       Successfully handled excessing events and cases on this issue.

·       Settled hundreds of subcontracting grievances resulting in work returning back to the craft and millions of dollars in payments.

·       Handled staffing grievances to help increase staffing where possible.

·       Resolved or arbitrated complex discipline cases in favor of our employees.

·       Developed and provided training on “Line H”, understanding Article 38, subcontracting, and the latest national awards on cost, plus many more classes to assist our locals in building solid/effective grievances to combat management. 

Experience/Knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement

My experience and hard work have given me a wealth of knowledge in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Over the years, I have demonstrated outstanding negotiating skills resulting in numerous settlements and outstanding training for the Western Region.

·       I have partnered in generating the first Line H Training Manual in the nation.

·       I have developed a very detailed training book on Article 38.

·       I have advanced an updated subcontracting training handbook.

·       I have established training on POSTPLAN to help understand it and generate more         custodian positions.

·       I have conducted training on crossing crafts/occupational groups

·       I have provided training on Discipline, Basic and Advanced Steward training.

The path that led me to where I am today

·       I proudly served in the United States Marine Corps from 1993 through 1997 (2nd Marine Division- 6th Marine).

·       I attended college from 1998 through 2003 where I earned two AS degrees in Electrical Construction and HVACR from LA Trade Technical College.

·       After my time in the Marine Corps, I tested and was hired into the Postal Service in October 1998 as a custodian.

·       I was promoted to Building Equipment Mechanic (BEM) in 2001. I am still a proud BEM for a total of 18 years.

·       In 2002, I became an APWU Union Steward.

·       I was the Maintenance Chief Steward at the City of Industry P&DC. 

·       I was the California Area Local # 4635 Maintenance Craft Director for four years.

·       I negotiated LMOUs for the City of Industry, San Bernardino P&DC, Moreno Valley DDC, and several other postal facilities within the California Area Local jurisdiction.

·       I helped negotiate and assisted in halting the City of Industry P&DC AMP closure.

·       I was handpicked by the late Maintenance Director Steven Raymer and Idowu Balogun to be a staffing advocate for the Western Region.

·       I have been an Arbitration Advocate since 2005 and have advocated cases on numerous different issues.

My plan for the future in this job

I will continue to keep open communication with you the member, and local unions. My priority is to strategize ways to have more arbitration dates and have cases heard faster. I am currently working on developing new arbitration advocates and individuals to be our leaders of this union for the future of the Western Region to continue to Keep Maintenance Strong.  


I have received a great deal of endorsements from Locals, Presidents and Maintenance Craft Officers throughout the Western Region. I am humbled and appreciate all your support and endorsements. I am happy to share with you the endorsement list that I have thus far. Every local and personal endorsement is important. However, I would like to give a special thank you to the San Jose Local Executive Board and membership for a nearly unanimously endorsement.

In closing

Let’s keep “Maintenance Strong” by retaining our current Maintenance Craft leadership. Your vote to re-elect Idowu Balogun for Director, Maintenance Division, Jimmie Waldon as Assistant Director “A”, Terry B. Martinez as Assistant Director “B” and Louis M. Kingsley as Western Region Maintenance NBA “B” is a vote to keep the integrity, the fight and the advancement for the future of the Maintenance Craft.    

A vote for Louis M. Kingsley Jr. and team “Keep Maintenance Strong” is a vote for integrity, dedication and hard work for our Union Members.


“The most important resource of a union is its rank and file.” – Ray Rogers (Labor Activist)


                                                                                “SEMPER FI”