Jimmie Waldon, Assistant Director A                         

Sisters and Brothers,

My name is Jimmie Waldon and I am your National Assistant Director (A) for the Maintenance Division of the American Postal Workers Union.  I am asking for your support in the upcoming National Election. I appreciate and would like to thank you for the confidence and support you have shown me for the past 12 years while serving as a National Officer in the Maintenance Division.  I have worked with all crafts and Union officials throughout the nation maintaining a vast network that has helped us all achieve world class representation and would like the opportunity to continue in this capacity.

Prior to my employment with the Postal Service I served in the United States Navy as an avionics electronic technician and was honorably discharged. I began my postal career in 1986 and have been a union member my entire career.  I have held the positions of Shop Steward, Maintenance Craft Director, and Vice President of the Sacramento Area Local prior to becoming a National Officer.  I was also the Maintenance Craft Director for the California State APWU and an Arbitration Advocate for over 8 years.  I was elected National Business Agent (B), Western Region for 11 years prior to my current position as National Assistant Director (A) for the Maintenance Division at the APWU National Headquarters. Holding these various positions in our union has given me the skills that are necessary to negotiate and counter the USPS at the national level.

As a National Business Agent, I met on over 10,000 Step 3 grievances covering all issues affecting maintenance members with one of the highest resolve rates in the nation. I negotiated millions of dollars in settlements payable to our members for contractual violations, negotiated for reinstatements of almost every position in maintenance including electronic technicians, mail processing mechanics, building equipment mechanics, area maintenance technicians, custodians, and MOS clerks during my career. I have arbitrated and won cases for staffing, reversions, subcontracting, travel, discipline, promotions and training to name a few. Winning these critical cases affecting current maintenance issues helped to set favorable precedents for the protections of our jobs and rights. Having firsthand knowledge of the issues in our craft, on a daily basis, has prepared me for the position as Assistant Director of the Maintenance Division. I conducted regional and national classes on all maintenance issues ranging from basic steward training to staffing, from reversions to subcontracting, and building side and mail processing issues. Educating all union officials of this organization helps bring success at all levels in the enforcement of our contract. Representing the Maintenance Division as a Business Agent at the Area level has given me the prerequisites that are necessary to negotiate and counter the USPS at the National level.

As a National Business and Assistant Director, I represented Maintenance employees in the last two contract negotiations which resulted in the conversions of all PSEs to career in our craft, thereby reopening the door to get our veterans hired again. I have stood toe to toe with the best representatives the USPS has thrown at us and prevailed. I created the first Line H staffing handbook for use throughout the nation helping your locals to correct their staffing deficiencies. I walked the protests with you to save the Post Office and Stop Staples and we succeeded together.

I am just one part of a larger postal union family. My wife is a window clerk in the Northern Virginia Area Local, my sister and brother in-law are also craft employees with the Postal Service in the Sacramento District Unions. My family depends on the sustainability of the USPS and my entire career has been dedicated to representing the members of the American Postal Workers Union. Sisters and Brothers these are tumultuous times for employees of the United States Postal Service and I have countered their attempts at each turn to take your jobs and cut your benefits. Our jobs are at stake and we need representation at the National level with the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to equalize Postal managements continuous threats and I have proven to be that candidate. Re-elect Jimmie Waldon, Assistant Director (A) for the Maintenance Craft Division of the American Postal Workers Union. In closing I ask that you please support Brothers Idowu Balogun and Terry Martinez as well as all the current Maintenance NBAs, we are a team that knows how to work together to keep “Maintenance Strong”.

                                             KEEP MAINTENANCE STRONG !

 I  am asking for your support to elect Balogun- Waldon-Martinez .