National Director, Maintenance

Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Idowu Balogun, aka “Director Balogun,” your current Maintenance Division Director. I come before you seeking your support and vote to continue as your Maintenance Director in Washington DC. This honor was bestowed upon me in the most unexpected and unlikely way – the untimely passing of our dearly beloved Director Steve Raymer.

The passing of our Director, days before National negotiations and the 2018 National Convention, left a huge void in our Division. As the Assistant Director A, a succession position to the Director, I was immediately called to serve as the next Director of Maintenance Division, in accordance with the APWU National Constitution and Bylaws. I accepted the call to duty with the utmost humility and began preparing the course and direction for the Maintenance negotiation table and 2018 National Convention. After working as Representative at Large for ten years and Assistant Director A for five years, all in the Maintenance Division, Washington DC, I know without reservation that I am more than suitable and equipped for the task at hand and the challenges ahead.

The Maintenance Pre-convention workshop and Maintenance Delegates session deliberations at the Pittsburgh National Convention was a tremendous success, in spite of having only few days to prepare. I was immediately tasked with filling three National vacancies: Assistant Director A, and two National Business Agents (Eastern and Western Region). After vetting several well-qualified candidates, and with the unanimous approval of the entire Maintenance Council, all of our open National Officer vacancies were filled within sixty days. In additional, our Maintenance Division Secretary of over twenty-two years retired two weeks before Brother Raymer’s passing, a position that also had to be filled and trained.

I am part of the team that brought you many successes in the past fifteen years at the headquarters level. We plan to aggressively continue defending the Maintenance Division against all enemies; foreign or domestic. Some of our past achievements include:

Successful negotiation in Article 38 keeping full-time duty assignment.

Successful negotiation in Article 38 protecting and expanding members’ rights in excessing.

$48 Million paid to our Custodians when management tried to change MS-47 for budgetary reasons.

$8.7 million paid for Area Office Infrastructure (AOI) Arbitration success for subcontracting ET work.

$2 Million Dollars paid in RMSS rescoring for changing Maintenance Test results.

Article 7 vs Article 25 National Arbitration success protecting the integrity of our occupation groups.

Thousands of Maintenance PSEs converted to Full time employees via Memorandum of Understanding.

Guaranteed Line H Yearly Remedy at Overtime rate for failing to staff/perform custodial duties.

eWhep Arbitration Award success to protect Bulk Mail Center (BMC) Staffing.

Building Equipment Mechanic (BEM) excessing overturned with payment and retreat rights.

Successful MS 1 Arbitration Award on Preventive Maintenance of Building facilities.

Successfully getting Roof Maintenance subcontracting to Arbitration.

Successful in Arbitrating the Definition of Post Plan Offices (APO-RMPO).

I have dedicated my entire Postal career to the Maintenance Division. In 2012 as a visionary, I created, championed and monitored the web-based Electronic Grievance System (EGS) from inception. I consider this six-year project one of my greatest accomplishments. EGS is now being used daily by over four hundred APWU locals, thousands of stewards around the country and across all Crafts.  I was the Assigned Case Officer for the above listed MS 47 TL 5, MS1 TL 5 and BMC eWhep National Disputes.

My goal is to always leave each position where I am called to serve better than I found it.

I am happily married to Tanya (a former Los Angeles APWU clerk) for over thirty years, with children and grandchildren. I am a native of Nigeria and a proud American citizen, who came to America on a full education scholarship. I am bilingual and fluent in both languages.

I would also like to ask for your support to keep Maintenance Strong by electing Assistant Directors Jimmie Waldon and Terry B. Martinez. The three of us strongly complement each other in more ways. We work very well together with a single focus of keeping maintenance representation strong. Please support NBA’s Louis Kingsley, John Gearhard and Carlos Paz.

 We are proud and honored to inform you that we have received an overwhelming majority support from the Maintenance Council of National Business Agents. I thank you for this honor of a lifetime and for the consideration to continue serving you.

I would like to seize this opportunity to share with you my Postal career, Labor trainings and related skills:

Director, Maintenance Division, Washington DC (2018 to present)
Assistant Director A, Maintenance Division, Washington DC (five years)

Representative At Large, Maintenance Division, Washington DC (ten years)

National Business Agent, Maintenance, Western Region, Pasadena (seven years)
National Maintenance Arbitration Advocate
Maintenance Craft President Greater Los Angeles Area Local, CA
Advanced and Basic National Arbitration School (APWU)
Electronic Technician levels 8, 9 and 10
Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic

I am a proud member of Greater Los Angeles Area Local and an honorary member of the following Locals: Member at Large of APWU, CA State; Phoenix Area Local, AZ; Inland Empire Local, Spokane, WA; Grant Pass Local, OR; Stockton Local, CA; Long Beach Local, CA; Bakersfield Area Local, CA; Billings Local, MT; East Bay Local, Walnut Creek, CA; Missoula Local, MT; Skip Whalen Area Local, CA; Sacramento Area Local, CA; Washington State Postal Workers; Eugene Area Local, OR; San Jose Area Local 73, CA and Fort Collins Local, CO.

God Bless America.

Idowu Balogun, National Director, Maintenance Division

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Let’s Keep Maintenance Strong. We Got Your Back.

             Keep Maintenance Strong – Vote Balogun- Waldon-Martinez