Carlos Paz : National Business Agent (B), Maintenance Division, Southern Region

Brothers and Sisters of the APWU Maintenance Craft, Southern Region, I come to you asking for your support and your vote to continue as your National Business Agent. I have been honored to serve as your NBA since February of 2015.

I have had a two-tier career with the postal service which began in1975 when I was hired as a clerk, at the Downtown Houston, TX General Mail Facility, where I worked parcel post and on the LSM machine until 1978, when I left the postal service to pursue other interest. After an eighteen years hiatus, I returned to the postal service in January 1996 as a Motor Vehicle Operator for the Dallas, TX Area Local. I represented MVS as a business agent and delegate until my reassignment into the maintenance craft sometime in 2000.  

I began my maintenance career as a Level 5 Maintenance Mechanic and was eventually promoted to my current position of Level 9 Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic at the Dallas BMC. I was certified as a maintenance steward and I have never looked back or digressed in my Union involvement. As a union steward in both the MVS and Maintenance craft I processed grievances from start to finish. I initiated the grievance and would process to the point of appeal to Step 3. As a front line steward I gained the experience needed to deal with management officials, which now serves me well. I attended arbitration training and was certified as an advocate for the maintenance craft. I also served as Assistant Maintenance Craft Director and eventually Maintenance Craft Director for the Dallas Area Local. I also served as delegate to all National Conventions while Assistant and Maintenance Craft Director. As Maintenance Craft Director I certified all maintenance stewards and maintained and oversight of maintenance grievance processing for the Dallas MPO, BMC, AMC, ISC and the N. TX P&DC as well as the Dallas MPO stations and branches and approximately 30 Associate Offices. As Director I provided training to the maintenance craft and also represented members in EEO mediation hearings. I also served my local as Secretary-Treasurer for two years.

As an arbitration advocate, of over 15 years, I have arbitrated cases of various natures ranging from expedited issues of Overtime, Letters of Demand, Suspensions to regular panel issues of Staffing, Emergency Procedures and Removals

My experiences at the local level as a Maintenance Craft Director and other positions I have held, as well as that of an arbitration advocate, have prepared me for the office of NBA. I felt ready and prepared to take on the responsibility of National Business Agent (B) when I was appointed in 2015. As an NBA I have spent countless hours answering and returning phone calls and addressing your emails. Your concerns are important to me and it is my hope and desire to assist you, the membership, to the best of my ability. I hope that I have accomplished that endeavor and many of you have in fact expressed your gratitude, for which I thank you. These past four and a half years as an NBA have been rewarding to me and I wish to continue, with your help, in the fight, the struggle, that was started by those who have come and gone.

I am proud and honored to serve side by side with our HQ officers, Idowu Balogun, Jimmie Waldon, Terry B. Martinez and also my co-NBA for the Southern Region John Gearhard. I would also like to acknowledge my brother Louis Kingsley, Maintenance NBA for the Western Region, for his outstanding work in representing the Maintenance Craft. These men share the same vision and commitment in representing the Maintenance Craft that I am committed to. I ask not only that you support me with your vote but that you join me in supporting and voting for my Brothers and allow us to continue to serve you, THE MEMBERS, THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR UNION.

Thank you for your Vote and Support,

God Bless.

Carlos Paz